How About Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses?

If you are creative enough and your wedding is just around the corner, have you ever thought of the fabulous mismatched bridesmaid dresses? It is absolutely amusing and wonderful. And there are many methods for you to have a try for it can add another highlight to your wedding. Let us have a look!

There are many ways to mismatch bridesmaid dresses in your bridal party. If you are a passionate person, how about this kind of way to mismatch your bridesmaid dresses? Opt for the exact same style dresses with the same length silhouette and choose different colors through light to bright. Or you can select the same light or bright shades with different colors. It is helpful for producing your bridal party definitely attractive plus memorable. Meanwhile, you will feel the pleasure from the mismatched attire.

I have another advice for you! Everyone likes rainbow so much for its vivid colours of red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue and purple. It must be amazing enough for making your bridesmiad gowns with those colors. I am sure that the wedding party photography will receive tons of compliments. When you use this kind of mismatched colours, the style of dresses may vary for your taste, but if they are with the exact same color, they will create better impact.

If you are creative sufficient, how about making all mismatched maid-matron of honour with different styles and different colors. But my advice goes to you like this: although the style of dresses can be different, the length of them should be almost the same. For instance, if you match a miniskirt with a floor-length dress or a knee-length dress, the effect will not be that good. Here we mean that different styles might be different necklines, different silhouettes and various embellishments and so on.

And different mismatched dress with the exact same fabric is also a good option. You can just choose chiffon fabric, satin fabric or whatever. The same fabric can create a chic and stunning appear. Except for those ideas, you can also provide full play to your imagination to create other wonderful mismatched bridesmaid dresses. But please remember that if you choose mismatched dresses, you are not advised to select darkish colors like black, and light color may look better.

In a word, no matter how a person make your mismatched bridesmaid dresses, your own bridal party is for leaving a wonderful memory for you, your family and also your friends, so being happy is second to none.

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  • RuMKilleR:

    I’m looking for a last minute bridesmaid dress. I know that with many wedding dress shops you have to order wedding dresses them months in advance… is it the same with bridesmaid dresses at David’s Bridal? It seems like such a large store; I’m hoping that they have a lot of bridesmaids dresses available in varying sizes that I can just try on and take home the same day.

  • Sir fliesalot:

    I recently went on a disastrous shopping spree with my bridesmaid for my early next summer wedding.

    Epic fail. Nothing worked; one is really petite and less than 100 lb, another is small too but twice that weight, one is average in everything and one is really tall and thin. Every dress they tried resulted in giggles and horror. It just looked so wrong; we are casual laidback country folks. Fake silk flowers and shiny strass and horrible shiny fabric just looked like we were faking it. Not elegant like it’s supposed to (at least not genuinely so) and I have given up even attempting to find one that will fit all well!

    My wedding is unconventional and so are we. The venue is outdoors and casual. I am actually leaning heavily towards a hot-pink gown rather than a white one for myself.

    I saw some incredible capris that come in lots of awesome colours. I can kinda imagine it, with a simple black top and some giant jewelry. Now I’m wondering has anyone ever seen this? A google image search produced zilch, and if google ain’t got it… Will the church allow this? Because the church is the more formal part for sure, after that it’s not. (I am taking my sister to see the pants and get her opinion this weekend. Just curious if there is a precedent, surely I can’t be the only one?)

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